Annie Moseanko

Project Manager, Director, and Consultant in Pacific Northwest

Global Enterprise PMO & Ops Executive | Strategic Leader

I am a results-oriented Global Enterprise PMO & Ops Executive with a decade and a half in building and managing teams across 6 continents. Throughout my career, I have partnered with renowned global brands including Starbucks, Disney, Marriott, and Providence Health consistently delivering exceptional results.

Passionate Leadership

As a passionate leader, I firmly believe in investing in my team's success and leveraging individual strengths to achieve collective goals. Through mentoring, coaching, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, I empower my team members to reach their full potential, resulting in increased productivity and superior outcomes.

Global Talent Management | Cross-Cultural Expertise | Cross-Functional Collaboration

With extensive experience in hiring and managing talent across nearly 80 countries worldwide, I possess a deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics. I excel in navigating diverse work environments, fostering inclusivity, and harnessing the collective power of global teams. By capitalizing on the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals from various backgrounds, I drive innovation and foster a collaborative environment. I have a strong aptitude for managing complex initiatives that involve multiple teams and work streams. By implementing cross-functional coalition building strategies, I effectively align diverse teams towards a shared vision and common goals. I foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where teams across departments can seamlessly work together, driving outcomes and overcoming challenges with agility.

Executive Planning and Strategy

I possess a keen strategic mindset and a talent for executive planning. I am adept at analyzing trends, identifying opportunities, and developing strategies that position organizations for long-term success. I enable informed decision-making at the executive level, resulting in effective resource allocation, risk mitigation, and overall business growth.

People-First Approach | Data-Driven Insights

I firmly believe that people drive data, and data provides evidence. Applying a people-first approach, I prioritize understanding the human element when developing and evaluating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). By intertwining the narratives of people and data, I enable organizations to make informed business decisions that lead to long-term success.

  • Work
    • Shiji Group
  • Education
    • Seattle University
    • Project Management Institute, PMP